The Cellgym method works on the basis of interval hypoxia therapy (IHT) and interval hypoxia hyperoxia therapy (IHHT). Behind these two terms is a non-pharmacological, physical method to improve functional resources in healthy people by individually dosed shortages and oversupply of oxygen and thus to accelerate the rehabilitation and cell regeneration in people with chronic and degenerative diseases.

In order to stay vital for a long time, especially the cell metabolism of a human has to be healthy. The CELLGYM Health Concept is a gentle, non-invasive method for the regeneration of the entire organism. Through the highly effective hypoxia training stimulus (IHT) in the body numerous biochemical processes for self-healing and regeneration are stimulated. The natural production of endogenous coenzyme Q10, the key molecule for energy production in all cells, increases and the protection against oxidative stress increases.

On the other hand, this intelligent training favors a relaxation of the organism, detectable by the improvement of the HRV (heart rate variability). With Cellgym, the client trains his cells while lying and completely relaxed. With at least two training sessions per week within four weeks, a biological effect can be measured.

Cardiovascular diseases
Studies show that adaption to hypoxia is a promising non-pharmacological method for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. 
Stress & Burnout prevention
Stress related illnesses are a widespread problem. How to stay fit and reduce stress? The answer lies in the mitochondria. 
Lyme disease
The number of tick-borne infectious diseases is growing steadily. In chronic lyme diseases, hyperoxia-oriented cell training has proved to be pleasingly effective. 
Weight management
Optimum fat burning works only with well-functioning mitochondria. Mitochondrial cell training contributes to a metabolic optimization. 
Studies have shown that hpyoxia training leads to an increase in the sperm count and improves sperm function. 
Aesthetics & Good aging
Staying healthy and with full vitality into old age is possible if the mitochondrial function can be maintained at a high level.
FS (Chronic Fatique Syndrome)
CFS is characterized by a permanent state of debilitating fatigue, weakness and lack of energy. The Cellgym method could prove to be a stepping stone to increasing the fitness of these individuals.
Mitochondrial damage accumulates in the course of life. The metabolims performance of the cells decreases. This can end in chronic diseases such as type II diabetes.
Sportsmedicine and professional sport
Top athletes know hypoxia training under the keyword "altitude training" - a legel method to increase performance by improving cellular energy production.

Official Website: https://www.cellgym.com


Single session CHF 90.-- (40 min)

10x subscription CHF 850.--