Shockwave Therapie

If you have pain that can be traced back to heel spurs, tennis or golfer's elbows, calcified shoulders, muscle strains, etc., shock wave therapy is a very promising therapy. Before using medication or even an operation, you should definitely try shock wave therapy. Radial shock waves are acoustic pressure waves that are similar to sound waves. They are generated by compressed air. The shock waves spread in the tissue and stimulate the metabolic processes in the pain region, increase the local blood flow and set the body's own repair mechanisms in motion. The method can also be used for aesthetic purposes (wrinkle treatment) or if the healing process is poor for bone bridges or other injuries. In total, 4-6 applications are usually carried out at intervals of one week. Success can already be expected after 2-3 treatments.

Radial Shock Wave Therapy CHF 60.-- (20 Min.)

Focused Schock Wave Therapy CHF120.- (20 Min.)