Stone Therapy Bath

The stone therapy bath was developed by Dr. Niwa in Japan. The special stone, occurring only in a specific region in the south of Japan, emits energy in the form of far-infrared rays of 4-14 microwave wavelengths. This wave frequency exactly corresponds with those in the human body, and thus the far-infrared rays can penetrate 5-6 cm into the body. This is, for example, not possible in the sauna or a hot bath. The most important effect is the detoxication and regeneration of the water in the body. The far-infrared rays also strengthen the immune system and promote blood microcirculation. The metabolism is accelerated and intensified. This process improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, detoxifies the body by activating the healthy cells, and eliminates harmful substances and toxic metals faster. By contrast, cancer cells are weakened and pain is substantially alleviated by the bath.

Stone-Therapy-Bath (including VAT)

Single session: CHF 105.-- (60 min incl. break)

11x subscription: CHF 980.--