Fossil Shell Powder

Fossil Weathered Shell Powder has been used as a nutritional supplement in Japan for 50 years. If of the right quality it strengthens the bones and relieves pain, for instance back pain or knee pain. The product in my assortment is not an aggressive ionized product such as that of corals, cow bones, egg shells, etc., which is processed at high temperatures and high pressure. This can lead to deposits and stones in the body. This Fossil Weathered Shell Powder from Japan is slowly ionized in the body, just like the calcium from food. It also contains vital somatides that boost the immune system. It is useful in the following conditions: osteoporosis, back and knee pain, weak nails and thin hair, high blood pressure, spinal anomalies, dementia, diabetes, allergy, skin problems, atopic dermatitis and infections. It pays to test the product.