Dr. Niwa

Dr. Niwa is a well-known Japanese physician and researcher who caused a sensation worldwide with his findings on the effects of free radicals. Over 30 years of research have shown that most diseases and the aging process are caused by free radicals. Dr. Niwa runs his own hospital in Japan as well as 9 clinics. There, skin and immune diseases as well as cancer are treated with predominantly natural medicines. 

Medical School (graduation): The Medical Department, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan          

Doctor of Medical Science: Yukie Niwa, M.D., D.M.S. Obtained from Kyoto University, 1976

 Professional Society Memberships:

- Japanese Society for Immunology

- The Japan Society for Clinical Immunology

- Japanese Society of Allergology

- The Japanese Society of Inflammation and Regeneration

- Japanese Society of Hematology

- The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine

- Japanese Dermatological Association

- The Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology

- Japan College of Rheumatology

- The Japanese Biochemical Society

- Japanese Cancer Association

- Japan Society of Clinical Oncology

 Past Appointments: - Clinical Physician in the Department of Dermatology in Kyoto University, 1963-1965

Clinical Physician in the Department of Dermatology in Osaka Red Cross Hospital, 1965-1972

- Adjunct Professor of 3rd Internal Medicine, Shimane Medical University, 1980-1987

Adjunct Professor of Dermatology, Kansai Medical University, 1983-2007

Adjunct Professor of the Department of 1st Internal Medicine of Aichi Medical University, 1987-1990

- Adjunct Professor of the Doctor course of medical department of Kobe University, 1992-1994

Adjunct Professor of Molecular and Cell Structural Science (Anatomy), Kanazawa Medical University, 2003-2007

Present Appointments: - Head of Niwa Institute for Immunology, 1974 to present

Director of Tosashimizu Hospital and other 9 clinics in Japan


- Pioneer in the study of Reactive Oxygen Species and the SOD Enzyme


- Specialized in the treatment and research of atopic dermatitis, rheumatism and all kinds of cancer forms

Developed anticancer agents and small molecule antioxidants such as SOD like actions foods.


 - More than 70 research papers in International Medical Magazines in English.

- Published many books on Reactive Oxygen Species and Atopic Dermetitis. Some books were translated into English and Korean.


  - Behcet’s Disease Research Committee of Japan, Ministry of Welfare, Japan, 1982-1987